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Blackhead Brush

Quick Overview

Effectively removes blackheads and tiny dirt that is in the most hard to reach places. This pen-type brush makes cleaning your pores easy !
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Name Blackhead Brush
Origin China
Packaging 1pcs
Dimensions 16.5cm
Directions Massage gently with circular motion on blackhead area and it can clean dirty pores up for your skin deeply.
Cautions 1. Keep out of the reach of children.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperature.
3. If your skin has wound, rash or other skin diseases, please do not use this product.

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用了這支刷,效果還不錯!雖然不比其它軟,但是價錢便宜! by SweetieBabe89
效果还好。。但毛的软度不比LSY好。 by benny
刚开始用还不错,用久了就会脱毛了。。不会回购, 反而LSY的洗脸刷就很好用。用那么久了都没问题。 by huiyuen
洗了有干净到,可是过后就开始有点痒和红了 by yoko
用了很久才来发感言,对我来说,有点小支,要很有耐心才行,不过还是不错用 by ahbear
还可以 只是效果不大 by evonnekhing
用来刷鼻翼, 下巴躲藏的髒污及老旧角质, 清洁后的毛孔感觉干净舒畅。刷毛柔软而且价钱也很合理。 by wengdylim

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