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Cocod'or Lavender Diffuser 200ml - English Pearfree

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English Pearfree - White Freesia's unique fresh floral fragrance blended with a gentle sweet fragrance of English pear, delivering rich and elegant atmosphere.

SAFETY - Our fragrances are free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene and adhere to IFRA standards and regulations. All of our diffuser bottles have completed safety tests.

EASY SCENT CONTROL AND LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE - You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA - It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother’s day, and Father’s Day. Give joy to your parents, friends, colleagues, and customers with our luxurious Cocod’or diffusers.

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Cocod'or Lavender Diffuser 200ml Cocod'or Lavender Diffuser 200ml Cocod'or Lavender Diffuser 200ml

South Korea
Diffuser 200ml / 6.7oz + Reed Stick 5pcs + Pre-Jeweled Flower Purple + Lavender Stick 2P + Cocod'or Woodstick 1P + Eucalyptus Stick 1P + Lavender Edition Box

1. Use your hand or tools like forceps to remove the plastic cork out gently.
2.Put as mana reed as you want in the vessel and let the oil evaporates slowly.
3.Keep it away from the reach of small hands and paws.
4.Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame.


※ Each seasonal product's packaging / real preserved flowers sometime might be changed due to the Korean manufacturers. The pictures are just for reference only.
Please keep it away from water and all liquid to avoid fragrance deterioration.

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