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E-Heart Eyelash - Limited Edition 02

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Limited edition of false eyelashes produced and designed together by famous artist, models and makeup artists! It comes in a pack with five styles: Naturally, Vogue, Cherry, Wild and Nous eye. These 5 in 1 fantasy false eyelashes can satisfy your five wishes to have a sexy, sweet, intellectual, tempting or innocent look!
Brand E-Heart
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Name E-Heart Eyelash - Limited Edition 02
Origin China
Material Black base, Artificial fiber
Directions 1. Before applying, please curl your own eyelashes using eyelash curler.
2. Pick up the false lashes from its base, lightly hold both ends of lashes, bend and stretch it about 10 times.
3. Apply glue evenly to the base of the lashes.
4. Wait to allow the glue to get tacky and then apply the base of false lashes to the base of your own lashes.
5. Press down first in the inner corner of eyes and then press down following along the lash line to the outer corner. Keep pressing until glue has dried.
6. Lashes are reusable. When done, gently pull off starting from the outer corner of eyes, cleanse the glue and place back on the tray.
Cautions 1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
3. Do not use it if there is any wound, swelling, pus or laceration.
4. Should this product enters the eyes carelessly, please wash immediately with water. Consult a physician immediately if feeling unwell.
5. Stop using it temporarily if there are rash, redness, itchiness, irritation, pain, heat or peeling circumstances. If conditions persist, please consult a physician.

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您好,所有在BeautyStall.com所售卖的商品皆属于现货,已被抢购至缺货的商品除外(將會顯示為缺貨),谢谢您! by 管理员[客服 Rean]
有现货吗? by adeline_yong89
秒杀时买的,质地不错,价格跟外面的便宜很多。很漂亮呢!5款很好用!^^ by pocolleen
秒殺時候買的,暫時試用了兩對。蠻好的,有五種不同的款式,可視場合來佩戴不同的假睫毛! by sykong
在秒殺的時候買的,雖然還沒有掌握的很好但有五種款式讓我可以配搭不同的風格哦! by senifif

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