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iSPRING All In One Collagen Mask 25ml

Quick Overview

All In One Collagen Mask helps you to get a firm & alastic skin. The formula helps to restore skin structure & makes your skin soften & radiant. It also retains & replenishes moisture in skin to prevent wrinkle from forming and maintains a youthful apprearance by reducing signs of aging.
Brand iSpring
Availability In stock
Name iSPRING All In One Collagen Mask 25ml
Origin Taiwan
Packaging Price shown for 1pcs. Buy 100pcs in a box
Capacity 25ml
For Skin Firming, Wrinkles
Skin Type All Skin Type
Ingredients Water, 1,3 Butylene Glycol, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Silk, Peg-400 Carbowax, Centella Asiatica Extract, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Vera Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, Methylparaben, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Perfume, Methylisothiazolinone, Lodopropyl Butylcarbamate.
Directions Take a sheet of Whitening Mask to apply on entire face for 20 mins.
Cautions Store in room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight. Use if as soon as possible after opening. For first time users, a light rash or tingling feeling is normal reaction.

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个人觉得面膜纸有点厚,不过全方位(眼 和 唇)的设计是蛮不错的 可以整张脸都吸收营养。 SiaoTang | 2016-05-30 14:47:37
买给妈妈用~他说效果很不错~ Bey | 2015-11-16 14:42:04
有一点刺刺的感觉,脸部还算服帖,反而眼睛以及嘴巴不服,要一直一直弄,麻烦。 winnieyean | 2015-09-17 06:33:50
Not suitable for me
I have sensitive skin and this one is not suitable for me Cindy | 2015-05-25 11:45:35
送给妈妈用的,她感觉还不错 胜在便宜又好用! MissSmile | 2015-03-10 22:35:05
iSPRING全方位胶原面膜 25ml
满保湿的,也很冰凉,很香;只是没有很贴肌肤,像鼻子部位不会黏到 爱美是天性 | 2015-03-07 04:05:59
敷了之后,皮肤不有保湿的,價格也不貴 winniejong | 2014-10-18 01:11:48
好用, 明亮+保湿! winniejong | 2014-06-20 20:21:59
给妈妈带了一片,还提醒我下次记得再回购,真的很经济便宜,多用也不心疼~ shirlyhii | 2014-05-27 18:12:17
保湿度不错,好舒服! winniejong | 2014-05-27 01:26:17

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