Mild and Calm
The scent is mild and calming. Personally think this is a scent that you won't go wrong with. Recommended to buy.
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Love it!
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Smell nice for girl
Smells florally
Geongju is definitely a scent for mature age groups. Personally not my favourite but I don't dislike it. Gives a mature and calm vibe.
设计好看, 方便携带, 味道超棒
wdressroom铁粉加粉色控冲着包装就一定要入手的啊~味道很像某种高级化妆品的香味,个人是很爱的XD 有像到之前的限量版20号, 但是这个没有那么甜味道也比较淡一点点, 喷房间很舒服的~只是70ml会很快喷完就是了
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