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NARUKO NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask 25ml

Quick Overview

Quickly replenishes moisture and repairs damaged skin.
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SKU NRK205-1
Name NARUKO NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask 25ml
SKU NRK205-1
Origin Taiwan
Packaging Price shown for 1pcs. Buy 10pcs in a box
Capacity 25ml
For Skin Anti-Aging, Firming, Hydrating, Repairing, Whitening
Skin Type All Skin Type
Ingredients Snail mucus extract, hyaluronic acid, Fungus extract, Beta-glucan, Allantoin, Cucumissativus extract, aloe extract, Marigold extract, Oat extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate.
Directions After cleansing, apply the mask evenly onto face for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and continue with usual skincare routine.
Cautions 1. Best used within 6 months after open to ensure the best product quality.
2. This product contains natural plant extracts in which its color and smell may change over time. This change is normal and do use it with ease.
3. Since the product contains essential oils, unless it is indicated for eye use, we advise to avoid applying it on the eye areas. If it comes in contact with the eyes, rinse well with water.
4. The range of products has been tested and approved. If allergic reaction occurs due to the environment or individual reasons, cease using the products immediately and consult a dermatologist.
5. After applying the products and under the sun exposure, if redness, swelling and irritation occur, stop using the products and consult a dermatologist.
6. Avoid applying over open wounds, allergies, eczema, swelling, or other abnormal areas.
7. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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超保湿,非常好用。效果绝佳! grchau | 2017-03-24 12:23:28
保湿 滋润
敷完后肌肤嫩嫩的 效果很满意 Ong Su Eng | 2016-05-18 11:51:35
用了很久忘了评论...我一次就买了20片因为太好用了! 我敏感肌肤用了这款没问题。很保湿! kittyk15 | 2016-04-27 13:38:34
this suitable for after laser skin. make skin heal faster and does cause irritation winniecheng90@gmail.com | 2016-01-30 16:58:46
也是用了很久忘了評論,推薦這個便宜又有效,敷后皮肤比较紧致又保湿 這款會再回購 佩婕 | 2015-11-21 22:40:53
保湿效果不错,精华液真的很黏腻 hwteng | 2015-11-11 16:23:23
敷的时候黏黏的,也没有什么香味,感觉不舒服,不是很喜欢。 ooiying | 2015-10-20 09:23:37
NARUKO NRK蜗牛保湿修护面膜
敷完后脸蛋都嫩嫩的~连颈部也有敷哟 (^O^) xin yi | 2015-09-07 18:25:49
直接买了一盒,里面有10片,用了皮肤状态很好,毛孔细致,只是有时候会营养过剩的感觉,会生脂肪粒,不过用后第3,4天脂肪粒就会消失了,而且毛孔也会很细,皮肤很滑,很舒服。算是清理毛孔肮脏的东西吧~ 这款跟大红花冰雪的都很好用,搞到我不知道买哪一个好~在考虑当中。你们都别买太多啊,留着点给我买哟~ - | 2015-08-04 11:15:17
敷后紧致效果明显,肤质看起来比较细润,不过不够保湿,不是很喜欢面膜精华液的拔丝黏腻感 janicehbb | 2015-07-31 01:09:59

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