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Are you beauty product supplier, distributor or a Beauty company?
We welcome you to establish a brand store here with us at BEAUTYSTALL. If you are a brand owner and is interested in collaborating with us.

Currently provide Wholesale, Brand Distribution, Event Sponsor, Influencer Sponsor, Cross Marketing and Media Inquiries. Dropship / Agent service is not available.

All cooperation method will processing or contacting by email :


*Only provide wholesale to physical stores that sell related products (makeup, skincare, etc.)

Please provide the following information for us to review::

1. Store name, Store address,
SSM scan copy

2. Products name /
Brands interested


Brand Distribution

Need to provide complete product information and desired
cooperation manner


Event / Influencer Sponsor

Provide one of the preferred social media account, either Instagram or FB for review purpose.

MJ Hong

Cross Marketing & Media Inquiries

Need to provide :

1. Company introduction
2. Details of the cooperation method
3. Provide business proposal or
sample of cooperation

MJ Hong

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