Slinky Touch Hair Removal Cream 110g

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Simple and easy hair removal! Light texture to spread. Gentle on skin.
Beauty salon-level care at home. Just apply on and wait for a while.
Keep smooth better than razor!
-Easy to apply on with milky cream
-Last long the smooth feeling
-Without using razor
-less damage on skin! Relaxed with luxurious White rose scent while waiting

Delivered within 1-3 working days

Slinky Touch Body Milk Lotion 150g + Slinky Touch Hair Removal 110g

Product Introduction

Slinky Touch Hair Removal
This is an easy-to-use hair removal cream that works in only 5 minutes. Hypoallergenic milk type. Has a white rose scent.
This body milk that helps shrink the pores after hair removal. Contains ingredients like

Slinky Touch Body Milk Lotion
Pueraria mirifica and soybean extracts, which are beneficial for the skin after hair removal. The effects are long lasting and can make your skin smooth when used every day. It provides moisture to skin prone to dryness, thanks to a formula rich in highly moisturizing ingredients.

Apply the body milk on the skin with massage after shower. It can be used not only for after hair removal care but also for daily care for dry skin. When using after hair removal, please make sure to wash the hair removal cream away before application. Please avoid using on the face as this cream is for body care.

Slinky Touch Body Milk Lotion 150g + Slinky Touch Hair Removal 110g

Skin Type
All Skin Type, Sensitive Skin
Hair removing

Active ingredients: thioglycolic acid calcium Other ingredients: ages extract, amature extract, soy extract, otaneninjinekisu, Kiwi extract, hydrolyzed silk at the end of the collagen tripeptide F, hyaluronic acid sodium (2), pentaphyllum Makino extract, 1, 3 - butylene glycol, Roman camomile extract, paraffin, polyoxyethylensethyl ether, α - olefinoligomer, polyoxypropylenglycerill ether, lipophilic-monostearin acid glyceryl, decaglycerol Mono, cetostearyl alcohol, Behenyl alcohol, p-hydroxy benzoic acid methyl ester, ethanol, urea, sodium hydroxide, water, flavorings


Do not use on face, head hair, mucous tunics, nail, genital and any part with blemish, tumor, rash, itch and redness.
Avoid use before and after childbirth, menstruation period, and during sickness.
Consult a doctor immediately if rashes or allergic conditions occur.
Do not expose to extremely high or low temperatures or direct sunlight and keep out of children reach.
The cream may change its color or the texture due to the formula, it does not affect the product quality.


1)Please do not use if there are any skin problems before use such as scratches, swellings, eczema and rashes. 
2)Please stop using and get dermatologist advice if redness, swelling, itchiness or skin irritating appears after using.  
3)Avoid cream from getting into the eyes while using. Do not rub the eyes and immediately wash with warm water when happened.
4)Do not expose to extremely high temperatures, or direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

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