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Yuan Laundry Soap 180g

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It Uses Edible Plant Oil, And Is Free Of Petrified Ingredients,surfactants, Whitening Agents And Chemical Essence. Suitable For Undergarments,brassieres, Baby Clothes, Pillowcases, Socks, Towels,handkerchiefs, Tableware,nursing Bottles And Etc.
Brand Yuan
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Name Yuan Laundry Soap 180g
SKU OL6006
Origin Taiwan
Capacity 180g
For Skin Cleansing, Exfoliate, Firming
Skin Type All Skin Type
Ingredients Oolong Tea, Mustard Oil(Brassica), Citronella Oil (Cymbopogon), Fir Oil(Abies Alba), Palm Oil (Elaies Guineesis), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
Directions Use to wash clothes especially underwear, soak for 30 minutes with warm water for best effect. Do not use softener after rinse. Suitable for sensitive skin users.
Cautions 1. This product contains natural plant extracts in which its color, shapes and smell may change over time. This change is normal and do not effect the soap quality.
2. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children. Do not store in fridge.
3. Clean bubble on soap after use each time to reduce usage of soap.
4. Do not soak in water to avoid soap resolve, put in soap box to keep soap dry.
5. Coconut oil having strong cleansing effect, poor coloring fabrics may fade.

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by vyen
这款蛮好用的,温和不刺激,搓几下就有泡沫了,而且不会残留在衣物上,好赞! by tofucorn
很喜歡這款肥皂,我已經用了三塊肥皂才來評論的,除了天然環保之外,泡沫很容易就清洗乾淨,省水~尤其是洗那些已經發黃的布料還有怎麼洗都有味道殘留在衣服上的衣服真的真心覺得好用,會一直回購的^ ^ by vyen
洗衣服很干净。很环保 by michellevoon
拿来洗贴身衣物,好干净!环保! by lingnee
我用了觉得好好用哦,泡泡很多,好好洗哦,而且很容易就冲干净了,不像市面上的洗衣粉冲水时要冲很久才冲得干净。。。 by sophie123
好用,少泡沫+环保。 by benny
很香。只需要小小力搓。用量不需要太多。 by chongmeiling
难洗的污迹用很小很小的一块泡了后就很容易洗干净,比很多市面上的好用。而且这肥皂真的很香!虽然说明有说味淡,泡少,但我都觉得香茅的味道很诱人、泡泡满多的!我用一盆水,用肥皂把水弄到浅白色,洗十多件衣。惊讶的是,每件衣干了后都会有淡淡的肥皂味(泡水后的肥皂味跟用之前嗅到的会不同)!因为市面上卖的牌子都未必每件干了后还存有肥皂味。强力推荐!^^ by pocolleen
超好用,切一小块,泡30分钟。轻轻一揉,污渍便没了! by lee21

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vyen | 4 Dec 2015 14:05:00

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