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Yuan Wild Mugwort Soap 100g

Quick Overview

Pungent and dark, Wild Mugwort Soap is our bestseller product which many either love or hate the smell. Use it to relieve skin problems like eczema, reduce itch from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. It is also great for those with strong body odour.
Brand Yuan
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SKU OL6001
Name Yuan Wild Mugwort Soap 100g
SKU OL6001
Special Categories Nett Price Items
Origin Taiwan
Capacity 100g
For Skin Oil Control, Refreshing
Skin Type All Skin Type
Ingredients Water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil,Artemisia Absinthium Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Artemisia Absinthium Oil,Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil, Verbena Officinalis Leaf Extract.
Directions Take a suitable amount on the palm and latter into foam with water. Suitable for all skin types and may use on whole body and face, rinse off thoroughly with water.
Cautions 1. This product contains natural plant extracts in which its color, shapes and smell may change over time. This change is normal and do not effect the soap quality.
2. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children. Do not store in fridge.
3. Clean bubble on soap after use each time to reduce usage of soap.
4. Do not soak in water to avoid soap resolve, put in soap box to keep soap dry.

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容易起泡,用了不会涩涩的。 irene | 2017-04-20 17:46:51
妈妈用来洗脸,脸色比较有光泽,有效减少粉刺 keyw | 2016-10-29 18:15:02
用来洗脸的,粉刺少了。太好用了~ nicole siow | 2015-07-22 07:03:05
用来洗澡,一片应该可以用一个半月. 味道好闻,洗后滑滑的很舒服. Tan Sherri | 2015-06-16 10:46:54
不错,很喜欢它的味道,孩子用了身上的藓也沉了点!洗完虽然干干的,但是过后就会就觉得很舒爽。本身也在用,背部的痘痘开始减少。 yenmei | 2015-06-13 02:07:20
很长流汗的我会有体臭的问题。用了这块肥皂够体臭问题大大改善了。大力推荐 michellevoon | 2015-01-16 18:01:39
建议您可以使用桧木皂哦 :) 管理员[客服 Angel] | 2014-10-17 20:30:43
请问如果背后有痘痘和痘印该用那种肥皂呢?谢谢 lunae | 2014-10-16 20:36:45
用来洗身体有一点干。用了肥皂后有把它放在皂盘上,避免浸在水里,但肥皂的底部接触皂盘的地方还是变软得很快。 sheepyaries | 2014-10-09 21:41:55
看到这么多好评,就买了一块艾草皂给外子使用看,他的皮肤有湿疹的问题,有时严重到痕痒难忍的时候必须看医生吃药打针涂药膏才能舒缓,可是一直都不能断根,自从开始用了艾草皂之后湿疹的确改善了,不再那么痕痒湿疹也减少了,很开心,会持续用希望会断根,现在又购入一块马樱丹的试看,阿原香皂,赞!!! vinkipoh | 2014-07-19 20:26:46

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